BRENTWOOD, Calif. (KRON) — For the second weekend in a row, the KlaasKids Foundation led search efforts in the East Bay for 24-year-old Alexis Gabe.

The Oakley woman has not been seen since the end of January.

Her family and volunteers are dedicated to finding her.

Covering miles of rural terrain east of Contra Costa County, about 90 volunteers organized by the KlaasKids Foundation cover ground law enforcement agencies cannot.

Volunteers search for any clues that may shed light on Gabe’s disappearance.

“As long as Alexis is in everyone’s minds and their hearts, that keeps me going. Keeps me hopeful,” said brother Gwyn Gabe.

From the Alexis Gabe search center set-up at the streets of Brentwood, Alexis’ brother Gwyn, and his girlfriend Morgan Strenfel work with Klaaskids Foundation founder Marc Klaas — coordinating with the people conducting the searches in real-time.

“If there is something, they take a picture of it, they send it in. We will give it to the police if its warranted,” Klaas said.

Klaas says his non-profit will continue to support the Gabe family for the next few months, while also having his team train volunteers on how to organize these efforts if the searches are required long-term.

“Everyone has their own stuff going on, but we can just appreciate the continued support and people continuing to come out and stay invested,” Strenfel said.

Alexis has not been seen since Jan. 26.

Her car with the keys in the ignition were found abandoned in Oakley.

Oakley police have not named a suspect or released any updates on the case in weeks.

Meanwhile, Alexis’ entire family is helping out at the search headquarters, including her parents.

Her father even cooked an entire meal for all of the volunteers as a token of the family’s appreciation.

“We just want to give back. Like, we’re so, super super grateful for everyone and its unbelievable. So, we want to say thank you in whatever way we can,” her brother Gwyn said.

The community feels the same way.