SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – The Embarcadero could become the next car-free zome in San Francisco. One organization is pitching the plan that they call the “Grand Embarcadero.”

The organization hopes San Francisco’s waterfront would become a destination — not just closed on special occasions. This is just an idea right now, but so far there are mixed views.

“There are other cities around the world that have done this and it could be such a destination instead of just a thoroughfare,” said Stacey Randecker, a co-organizer of Grand Embarcadero. 

Randecker is hoping the Embarcadero waterfront will one day be car-free — similar to big cities like Chicago, Paris and New York City.

“We really feel like it’s time, and yes, change is difficult, but we’re sure that we can still offer access, accessibility and make it more sustainable,” Randecker said.

Grand Embarcadero’s proposal is made up of three points: safety, carbon-free, and vibrancy. Some visitors say they are all ears.

“I think it will probably actually help the environment, because a lot of times you do have cars sitting and idling and fumes and stuff coming out of the car, as well as less pedestrian accidents with people crossing and the cars are pulling out,” said Germaine Jackson, visiting from New York City.

But for businesses in the area, the idea of no cars on a major thoroughfare is worrisome. 

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“The reality is people like driving. Especially on the weekends, they don’t go on BART, they don’t go on public transportation. If they want to come to the wharf they get in a car,” said Randall Scott, executive director of the Fisherman’s Wharf Community Benefit District.

Scott says having no cars allowed on the street would deter business.

“I’m not against pedestrianization. I am for keeping business flowing to the northern waterfront,” he said. “On this particular one, show me the data. Show me the data. How many cars traverse? What type of cars traverse? You’re going to put big bus tours out of business because they can’t tour the Embarcadero and show them all the sights?”

Randecker has been gathering feedback from the community.

“There are people who are mainly car people and it sounds like we’re from another planet and then there are people who aren’t car people who are just all a-fluttered,” she said.

Right now there is a petition for supporters of this proposal on the organization’s website