SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – As reopenings continue, San Francisco nightlife officials are laying out the rules and best practices for concerts and other live events.

A sign things are slowly getting back to normal if people are careful. This virtual meeting highlights the different types of options for performers and business owners to create a safe environment.

One week into the orange tier, San Francisco nightlife representatives are gearing up for a busy season with live performances allowed at restaurants, bars, and venues.

Outdoor live shows allow up to 50 attendees with social distancing of course.

“The organizer of one of these festivals must submit a health and safety plan to the Department of Public Health five business days before the event but the plan does not need to be approved before the event occurs,” Ben Van Houten, business development manager, said. 

The San Francisco Office of Economic and Workforce Development laid out all the rules, specifically the outdoor capacity for performers.

“Any number of performers are permitted provided that the performer’s space allows six feet of distance between masked performers and twelve feet of distance between an unmasked vocalist musician and other performers,” Van Houten said. 

And guidelines for the audience:

“Audience members must maintain a minimum of twelve feet away from performers. However, with outdoor dining audience members must be six feet away from performers where the performers are masked and using instrument covers,” Van Houten said. 

As for large outdoor events, like the city’s annual music festival Outside Lands, which has been pushed back to Halloween weekend, public health officials and festival organizers say they are working together to create a reopening plan consistent with state and local guidelines.

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The organizers plan to hold another one when the city moves into a new tier with new rules.