SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KRON) – A 27-year-old is wanted after police found illegal firearms and marijuana for sale while searching his “sleeping area,” according to the Santa Rosa Police Department.

Police were conducting a probation search for Jose Fuentes in the 1900 block of Waltzer Place when they located 9mm and 24 caliber ammunition and suspected fentanyl pills.

Police say they found these firearms in the possession of the Fuentes brothers. (Photo courtesy with the Santa Rosa Police Dept.)

“During a search of the garage and vehicle, officers located approximately 200 pounds of processed and packaged marijuana, one stolen Springfield XD, one polymer 80 Glock 43 variant, one unregistered Glock 19, and one unregistered Glock 43,” police continued. “Additionally, officers located a Ronin short barrel rifle conversion kit, and multiple extended magazines, including one loaded 50-round 9mm drum, and one loaded 40-round 9mm stick magazine.”

Police also stated they found a money counter and other “evidence of narcotics sales and packaging.”

Fuentes’ car was in the garage at the time, police stated.

Luis Fuentes, 28, is Jose’s brother. When he arrived at the residence, he told police that everything in the garage was his, leading to an arrest for possession of narcotics for sale, a stolen firearm, possession of a short-barreled rifle, and possession of firearms by a prohibited person.

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“Jose Fuentes was not at the residence and is currently wanted for possession of narcotics for sale, possession of illegal firearms, and violation of probation,” police concluded.