ALAMEDA COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) – “We know how to do it safely. Let’s bring it back into our salons. Governor Newsom hashtag open salons now!” Fred Jones, legal counsel for the Professional Beauty Federation of California, said.

Some hair salon owners in the Bay Area plan to reopen later this month, despite orders from the governor and local health officials to remain closed.

Over the weekend, several salon owners in the Tri-Valley met up and decided they’ll reopen on August 17 with or without approval.

Salon owners are unable to work in Alameda County right now, not even outside on the sidewalk.

Some say they’ll reopen August 17 — Five months after having to initially shut down.

“This isn’t what we wanted to do. If we wanted to open illegally we would’ve opened 4.5 months ago. We are just at a point where it is either open illegally or lose everything we have put our life into and we weren’t given any other option,” Shayana Flick said. 

It’s been five months since salons across the state had to shut down because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Some hair salon owners in the Tri-Valley and across the Bay Area decided over the weekend that they will reopen on August 17 — even for just a day — despite the state and their county health officials telling them they need to remain closed.

These salon owners are frustrated, not understanding why so many businesses have been able to reopen but they have not.

“There’s 621k individuals licensed by the California State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology all of whom have 100s of hours of formal education and training in cross-contamination disinfection protocols sanitation procedures we know how to keep our clients safe,” Jones said. 

If any of the salon owners are fined for violating the shelter in place order, they plan to help each other out by sharing the cost of the fines.

We checked with Alameda County health officials who said they do not plan to open any more businesses at this time due to increases in cases and hospitalizations.

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