Hairstylists react after salons in Contra Costa County ordered to close

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WALNUT CREEK, Calif. (KRON) – Contra Costa health officials say the governor is closing several indoor businesses in the county.

This is because they’re on the state’s watch list and the rise in COVID-19 activity is increasing.

All Contra Costa County hair salons are no longer open, including this one in Walnut Creek.

KRON4 spoke to a stylist here at the Beauty Lounge today about the governor’s order.

“We had an idea that it could be potential that there were rumors going around that things could get shut down again,” Melissa Malugani said.

The rumors turned out to be true, California Governor Gavin Newsom ordered all hair salons and barbershops in Contra Costa County to close.

This is because the county is on the state’s watch list and the governor says all indoor operations in the 30 counties on the list must shut down.

California has seen a significant increase in hospitalizations over the past two weeks with nearly two dozen people dying from coronavirus within the past 24 hours.

Some stylists, like Megan Saleen, said she was already thinking about possibly shutting down before the governor’s order.

“It seems as if people are just very fed up and the numbers are going crazy and there are so many opinions about why it’s happening, how it’s happening, what’s safe, what’s not. It makes your head spin and then you are out in the public and when I’m home I can keep my bubble just nice and safe, everyone’s fine but when I’m here, you can’t control where people are going, who they are hanging out with, what they are doing are they wearing masks on their time off. So that parts a little nerve-wracking and as the numbers got crazier that’s where I kind of felt myself thinking I don’t know, I might want to pull back a little bit,” Megan Saleen said. 

When salons will be able to reopen is still anybody’s guess.

“You know everybody’s like, do you know when you are going to open back up but they haven’t given us a date, they haven’t even given us like an anticipated how long we are going to stay shut down again so it’s just going to be exactly like you said to wait and see,” Malugani said.

The county health department says businesses that had to shut down because of today’s order can stay open if they can operate outside — otherwise, they must stay closed.

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