BRENTWOOD, Calif. (KRON) – “It’s just hey how are you, how’s it going, I’m thinking of you and you are loved,” Katie Bartling said. 

Hand written letters of encouragement and support being sent to seniors across the Bay Area.

A Brentwood woman is asking for you and your children to send letters and drawings to seniors in nursing homes to lift their spirits during this difficult time.

They’re unable to see friends and family, many of them are feeling lonely.

“It just feels nice to be able to do something, to just be able to give a piece of my time and my kids time to someone who may or may not get any other contact for weeks on end it feels really nice,” Katie said. 

Stacks of letters and notes on their way to nursing homes written by children and their parents to help brighten the day of those unable to see friends and family during the shelter in place.

“It’ll make them feel happy that day and make them overall feel better about themselves,” Aiden Bartling said. 

These are photos of families writing their letters and kids creating loving artwork for complete strangers hoping it’ll encourage them to stay positive.

It’s a project Katie Bartling created with her children in Brentwood.

“They’re never going to meet these people. They don’t know who they are. They’re not putting names on them. It’s just hey, how are you? How’s it going? I’m thinking of you and you are loved,” Katie said.

The first round of letters will be sent to the Antioch Convalescent Hospital on Wednesday.

“It is emotional when i see my children writing letters to cute old grandmas and grandpas who are alone and by themselves and it is nice to see they are willing to give up 20 to 30 minutes of their day to do something for someone else,” Katie said. 

If you are interested in joining in and writing a letter, these are the four places the letters are going to:

  • Lone Tree Convalescent Hospital – 4001 Lone Tree Way Antioch, CA
  • Antioch Convalescent Hospital – 1210 A Street Antioch, CA
  • St. John Kronstadt Care Center – 4432 James Ave. in Castro Valley, Attn: Fabiola Garcia
  • Brookside Skilled Nursing – 2620 Flores St. in San Mateo, Attn: Elaine Z.

For more information, contact Katie Bartling on her Facebook page.

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