PALO ALTO, Calif. (KRON) — Police are investigating a vandalism case that was reported last Thursday, the Palo Alto Police Department announced in a press release. The incident involved a flag of Ukraine and is being called a hate crime.

Residents on the 1400 block of Alma Street had a Ukraine flag displayed in their front yard. On April 7, the victim noticed around 10 a.m. the flag had been torn from its place and left in a bundle.

The victim later saw that the bundled flag contained what appears to be feces, police said. Police believe the incident happened sometime between the evening of April 6 and the morning after.

Palo Alto police said there have been no similar incidents reported involving the Ukrainian flag in the city. To learn about other hate crimes in Palo Alto, click here and search by keyword “hate.”

Ukraine has been in the limelight since Russian invaded the country back in late February. Relief efforts have ramped up in support of Ukrainian refugees, including efforts in the Bay Area.

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