HAYWARD, Calif. (KRON) — Officers with the Hayward Police Department have arrested one suspect in the burglary of a residential home, the department announced in a social media post. Officers arrived on the scene while the burglary was in progress to investigate, the post states.

Video surveillance footage from the victim’s home confirmed that several suspects had unlawfully entered the home. One suspect was taken into custody as he tried to flee the scene. It was not clear if the other suspects were still inside the home, the post states.

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A drone was deployed during the investigation to search for other suspects while officers conducted a perimeter and interior search of the home seeking other suspects. After the search was concluded, officers confirmed there were no other suspects on the premises.

“The addition of drones has provided an added safety element for our officers and for the community as a whole,” the social media posts reads. “We are grateful for the ability to create time and distance while responding to and investigating these kinds of crimes in progress.”