(KRON) – San Mateo Police arrested a Hayward resident, Ruben Polanco, for second-degree robbery on September 9. 

On the evening of September 7, San Mateo police were alerted of a shoplifting and assault at  Hilldale Shopping Center’s Macy’s. According to the SMPD, the male suspect grabbed multiple perfume bottles and placed the bottles in a plastic bag. Once the suspect became aware that loss prevention was trailing him, he dropped several bottles. However, Polanco still had unpaid items leaving the store, police said. 

A loss prevention agent attempted to receive the unpaid merchandise from Polanco and a “physical struggle ensued” according to SMPD.

The agent was able to obtain the getaway car’s license plate as Polanco was fleeing the scene. 

According to the SMPD, the officers determined that the suspect was 33-year-old Polanco by witness statements and security footage. 

Fremont Police Department located the Polanco’s car and detained him on September 9. SMPD responded arresting Polanco for second-degree robbery.  Polanco was transported to the San Mateo County Jail.