CONCORD, Calif. (KRON) — Bartender Oscar Laredo Arrellano, 37, was celebrated in Concord Wednesday just a few blocks from where he worked and one day before he will be laid to rest. He was shot to death last week, becoming Pleasant Hill’s first homicide victim since 2021.

His family is still reeling from the sudden and shocking loss.

His partner, Nickoles Toushay, was in mourning Wednesday and being consoled by others sharing his loss at the Queen of All Saints Catholic Church in Concord where Laredo Arrelano’s funeral mass was celebrated.

“Broken. Light. You know, everyday moves on but life, time is still. Oscar was my life,” Toushay said.

The two were together for two years, including last week — the night the 37-year-old man was shot and killed. A gunman opened fire while Laredo Arrellano attempted to de-escalate an argument outside Farrington’s Bar in Pleasant Hill.

“He taught me things my parents could never,” Toushay said. “He showed me how to live a respectful, meaningful life as a man. You know, I don’t really know what to do without him. I was with him every day. He was my man, and I just… now I’m gonna live my life through him out of his wishes.”

No arrests have been announced, although several witnesses have identified the alleged shooter as a well-known patron at Farrington’s and Vinnie’s Bar and Grill in Concord — where Laredo Arrellano worked as a bartender with this brother Francisco.

“He always never looked back. He always pushed forward, and you know, he had a lot of goals. Pursuing those goals and unfortunately, this happens,” said Oscar’s brother Francisco Laredo.

Patrons at Vinnie’s raised more than $25,000 for Oscar’s family during two fundraisers last week.

After being funeralized Wednesday, Oscar will be laid to rest during a private ceremony in Lafayette on Thursday.

“Very, very outgoing. Very happy,” said Francisco. “Definitely made a statement anywhere he went. You know, he was always about making people laugh and being himself regardless of what people thought.”

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“He was about to graduate with his marketing degree,” said Toushay. “He had already done the fashion world in New York. He’s already conquered. He came back to be with his family and to settle down, and he realized he wanted to be his own boss — make his own money. He had so many dreams, so many and he was this close to taking his shot and someone took it away from him.”

And, for now, that person is still out there.