Health officials find no radiation in Hunters Point, final progress report says

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The California Department of Public Health on Wednesday announced survey results that have found no radiation health or safety risks on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. 

In a statement, health officials said the final progress report, which summarizes the results of the radiological survey conducted between July 16, 2018 and Oct. 26, 2018 off the “Hilltop” at HPS, found no radiation or health risks to residents, workers, or tenants on the shipyard. 

The survey was conducted under a July 3, 2018 work plan prepared by its Radiological Health Branch, involving a hand scan and towed array scan of the publically accessible areas as well as private common areas between homes, a large stockpile, and slopes. 

Officials say the only non-naturally occurring element CDPH detected was associated with a naval deck marker that was buried under about 10 inches of soil, located near Galvez and Donahue at the bottom of the hill on the north side of Parcel A-1. 

Officials say the level of radiation emitted from the deck marker determined it would not have resulted in a health or safety hazard. 

Scans of that hole detected no radiation above background levels. 

Potassium-40, which CDPH detected 88 times while scanning, is a naturally occurring element normally found throughout nature, including in plants, animals, some foods, and even in our bodies. 

It is not a health or safety concern for people living, working, or visiting on the shipyard. 

You can read CDPH’s Final Progress Update on the Parcel A-1 scan by clicking here. 



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