(KRON) — “Safe-and-sane” fireworks sales kicked off this week in the Bay Area.

Doctors who take exception to the labeling are warning the public about how dangerous even sparklers can be. Nationwide, the Consumer Product Safety Commission said about 280 people go the emergency room with fireworks-related injuries every day, and about half of them are younger than 20 years old.

Vincent Borgese is with the Knights of Columbus in Dublin, one of the fifteen non-profits selling state fire marshal-approved safe-and-sane fireworks in town. “Parents with younger children, the first thing they ask is, ‘How loud is it? How high does it go,” said Borgese.

He said parents should pay attention to the product’s labeling to determine if the fireworks are appropriate for their families.

“What you have here is a rating system,” said Borgese. “Four being the highest, one being the lowest. So, when it says four, that means that’s the maximum amount of color, three is average amount of height, and noise on this one is three, average amount of noise. So, it’s a good guiding system.”

Dr. Yvonne Karanas, Director of the Burn Center at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, said people should attend professional fireworks shows rather than setting any off themselves.

Even popular sparklers, which seem safe, should be avoided because they burn at upwards of 2,000 degrees.

“Little kids are running around with them. They accidentally get them in their eye, or they touch their hands, faces, etc. and they can wind up with injuries that are permanent with lifelong problems and disabilities,” said Karanas.

Dr. Karanas said if you do intend to use fireworks, take every precaution.

“Make sure you have a bucket of water handy, and don’t have any children running around near you, especially little ones,” Karanas said. “Little kids can get injured, if they’re not being watched closely.”

The Consumer Product Safety Commission said more than 60 percent of fireworks-related injuries treated in emergency rooms happen in the month around Fourth of July.