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‘Heart Fairy’ spreads joy in Oakley neighborhood by putting bright metal hearts in yards

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OAKLEY, Calif. (KRON) –  “At first, I saw my neighbor with one and I just thought it was cute, you know in the yard, I was like that’s so cute and then you start seeing more and more and I’m like where are they getting these hearts from,” Tierra White said. 

Bringing a little love to neighbors in Oakley, someone now known as the “Heart Fairy” has been placing hearts like this all around the Summerlake Neighborhood in people’s yards since the start of the shelter in place.

“Spreading all that joy and kindness and love and hope around our neighborhood has been very awesome,” Nancy Huffaker said. 

“I was just so happy that someone would think of us, it’s just so sweet,” Melissa Dutra said.

“It’s like you walk by and you get so many warm fuzzies inside of you every time you see a heart,” Craig Leighty and Brenda Wallace said. 

Popping up all over the Summerlake Neighborhood in Oakley, bright metal hearts in dozens of yards.

A small act of kindness that has gone a long way.

“It’s definitely cheering us up during this time,” Dutra said. 

“I went outside to take a small walk and I had a heart and it just totally made my day,” Huffaker said. 

The Heart Fairy even placed a heart at the site of an accident on East Cypress Road, the road leading into the neighborhood.

“It brought tears to your eyes, when I say it gives you an emotional feeling, it gives you an emotional feeling,” White said. 

The hearts are a mystery, no one knowing who this “Heart Fairy” is.

“The hearts show up in the middle of the night and a lot of people have cameras but no one has seen the Heart Fairy leave the heart,” Wallace and Leighty said. 

“I’m hoping it stays a secret because that’s what makes it so special,” Dutra said. 

“They put them up anonymously, no one knows who it is putting them up so it’s pretty cool,” Huffaker said. 

“It just warms your heart to know people care people have a heart especially in these times we are in now it’s just incredible,” White said.

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