WALNUT CREEK, Calif. (KRON) – When temperatures run hot, the trains run slow. BART ran trains at slower speeds on the Antioch, Warm Springs and Dublin-Pleasanton lines during Tuesday’s hear wave.

Passengers in the East Bay experienced 10-minute delays as a result. KRON4 spoke with some of those BART passengers about how people are beating the heat here. 

Many getting off the BART train had water bottles in hand, ready to meet the triple digits waiting outside. It was the same deal at the Broadway Shopping Plaza, where there’s been a few shoppers all ready for the heat wave to end.

It was triple-digit Tuesday in several parts of the East Bay, including Walnut Creek. It’s where Paul Farrell rode the BART train to visit his sister, “I got off the train and I was like wow, this is really warm, so I whipped out the phone and was like it’s almost 108, 107, 108.”

He was surprised to feel the difference in temperature from San Francisco to the East Bay. Farrell told KRON4 he, “can’t even really play with the dog outside either, it’s just way too hot. So I just kind of stay in the shade, pace myself, maybe go out in the evening.”

Others at the Walnut Creek station felt the same extreme temperatures. Cheryl Baranowski came from Danville to pick up her husband from the train station. Her car’s transmission was dying in the heat.

Cheryl Baranowski told KRON4, “of course, you’re just running an errand, you don’t have your water, you don’t have all your stuff. You’re just stuck out there. I mean, I’ve got the shade of a BART track here to hide under.”

Construction workers in the area helped push Baranowski’s car to the side of the road. They offered some bottles of water to drink while she waited for a tow truck.

Baranoski told KRON4, “one day you get by, you think, ‘OK it’s hot today, no big deal, and tomorrow this is fine. This will be a week-plus by the time it finally breaks.”

Some shoppers at the Broadway Plaza were out Tuesday, not wanting to wait another day to get their errands done. Shopper Sam Kanyika told KRON4, “it’s hot, the streets are hot.” 

Shoppers and BART riders all said the same thing when it comes to temperatures surpassing 100 — get from point A to point B and spend as little time out in the sun as possible.

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Kanyika told KRON4, “I just want summer to end. Like I’m ready for it to wear my fall outfits and do my fashions. I’m ready for this whole season to go. I’m tired.”

State officials say shopping centers and malls are some of the places you can find relief if you don’t have AC at home. If you’re in San Francisco, BART says you can escape the heat underground at their Powell Station downtown.