SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The Embarcadero Navigation Center construction will continue after the judge denied Safe Embarcadero For All’s injunction.

The group fears it’ll increase crime in their neighborhood and many neighbors are disappointed in the judge’s decision.

Their attorney says they’re only in the early stages of their lawsuit and will see what happens next.

The center is already under construction and will provide a bed, a meal and access to programs to transition homeless people into permanent housing and jobs.

Neighbors who are part of the community group called ‘Safe Embarcadero for All,’ filed a lawsuit to stop the building of the center.

“We will see how it goes but looking at the way the city has run other navigation centers, we don’t have any confidence the city will be able to run this one well without any negative consequences for the neighborhood,” Wallace Lee, with Safe Embarcadero for All, said.

Two attacks have already happened near the construction site, both caught on surveillance camera.

Police say a homeless man brutally attacked a woman outside her condo building which is next to the navigation center’s construction site. About a week later, in the same location, another victim says a man ran up and punched him.

“These are supposed to be areas where the city is keeping people safe, it can’t do that we saw that with the attacks captured on video and the residents who live around these centers feel it every day in their neighborhoods,” Attorney Peter Prows said.

The judge who ruled on the lawsuit said crime statistics in this area can fluctuate and says moving the homeless into the center could make the streets safer.

The city said delaying the construction could cost them $100,000 or more.

The Safe Embarcader for All group says their lawsuit is in its early stages and they could possibly appeal this decision.

Mayor London Breed discussed the ruling via Twitter Monday afternoon.

She said they’re moving forward because San Francisco needs more navigation centers to help the homeless.

“We’re moving forward because we need more Nav Centers to help people off the streets and connect them with services. We need more Nav Centers, more treatment beds, more permanent supportive housing, and more affordable housing if we’re going to address the homelessness crisis.”