SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) — The mayor of San Jose says the city wants a new social media policy for posting illegal sideshow videos, and he’s calling on social media companies in Silicon Valley to get onboard.

In the South Bay city, Mayor Matt Mahan is ratcheting up the effort to deter illegal sideshows by calling on social media companies to join the fight against them.

“This includes the largest companies that call Silicon Valley home,” Mahan said.

Mayor Mahan held a press conference to announce that he sent a letter to media giants like Meta, TikTok and Snapchat proposing a sit-down meeting at city hall with the mayor’s team and the San Jose Police Department to discuss strategies to disincentivize illegal stunt driving.

“We’re asking social media platforms to work in tandem with our police department to suspend the accounts of people who post this dangerous content for 30 days, and to indefinitely suspend the accounts if they continue to promote sideshow activity,” Mahan said.

The City of San Jose has ordinances making it illegal to be a spectator or to promote sideshows but the problem continues.

“Just this year we responded to 184 sideshow events,” said San Jose Police Department Chief Tony Mata. “Last year, we responded to over 200.”

As for the question of infringing on the First Amendment rights of posting illegal sideshows, Mahan sees it this way.

“If people were posting videos of themselves assaulting people, there would be no question that this is wrong. Take it down and prosecute that person,” Mahan said.

Mayor Mahan said he anticipates having that meeting to discuss deterring sideshows with social media companies within the next month.