SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Perched atop hills and surrounded by water sits San Francisco: A city so iconic it has inspired songs, served as the backdrop to classic movies and literature and has been home to pioneers of the Gay Rights and Civil Rights movements.

Constantly shrouded by fog, it was often missed by early explorers but boomed during the Gold Rush when the famed “forty-niners” arrived establishing SF as the central port and depot of the Gold Rush. The city expanded even further with the introduction of cable cars to move its newfound population up and down its steep hills.

Today, the sounds of fog horns and cable car bells have become the soundtrack to many San Franciscan’s lives.

But many visitors and San Francisco natives will agree that the most iconic landmark of all is the Golden Gate Bridge.

Here’s what a few people had to say about what they liked best about SF.

They say if you go to San Francisco, and you didn’t go to GGB you never been to San Francisco.

Wilma Retuta Cruz, Facebook user

Definitely the Golden Gate Bridge in all its glory! Nothing can compare with the beauty of this incredible bridge!

Lynette Joy Lofgren, Facebook user

You got to appreciate all the labor that was put into building it.

Maria Castillo, Facebook user

Some stressed more nostalgic landmarks like Candlestick Park, the old Folger’s Coffee Company Building and the Montclair Cafe.

Honorable mentions were made of Alcatraz, Golden Gate Park, the Palace of Fine Arts, the Ferry Building and crooked Lombard Street, while others said the city was just indescribable.

As a native, my favorite is the whole vibe the City has…it’s kind of indescribable… The architecture, the landscape, the restaurants, the sounds, the weather, the fog, the Bay, the people, everything.

Michael Montanez, Facebook user

Meanwhile, some expressed disappointment in what San Francisco has become.

It is a beautiful city. Indeed a jewel of cities. Well, it used to be. Now you can smell it 20 miles away. 

Helen Christensen, Facebook user

The GGB so I can get out! SF is an armpit.

Michele Derum, Facebook user

I like the homeless landmarks on the sidewalks.

Richie Palacios, Facebook user

Regardless, San Francisco is still full of hidden gems to be found.

“Just go on a treasure hunt,” commented reader Stephanie Selena Strangio on Facebook. “It’s fun!”