ANTIOCH, Calif. (KRON) — A suspect was arrested in connection with a robbery and deadly shooting at an Antioch Chevron gas station on Saturday. He was charged with robbery and possession of stolen property, but not murder. The Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office explained that decision in a press release on Thursday.

Ronald Jackson III, a 20-year-old Antioch resident, is accused of shooting and killing Chevron clerk James Williams. The Antioch Police Department described the situation as a “botched robbery.”

According to DA Diana Becton, video shows Jackson and another suspect running away from the gas station after the robbery. Williams was seen chasing after them armed with a gun.

Williams then fired at Jackson and hit him in the leg, according to Becton. Williams continued towards Jackson with his firearm pointed at him, and Jackson shot him twice — in the chest and the leg.

According to Becton, Williams shooting Jackson cannot be considered self-defense in the eyes of the law because he pursued Jackson with a firearm and continued to pursue him after shooting him once.

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“The legal distinction is clear: when your property and life are being threatened, an individual is legally justified in using deadly force in self-defense,” Becton wrote. “However, once that threat of harm has dissipated, the victim of a property crime cannot then use deadly force to reclaim stolen property.”

While Jackson was not charged with murder, Becton said Williams’ death will be a “substantial factor” in his sentencing. The DA’s office also offered sympathies and condolences to Williams’ loved ones.