(KRON) — A Windsor man was sentenced to “24 years plus 750 years to life in prison” after he was convicted of sexual assault against minors, the Sonoma County District Attorney’s office said. Matthew Moffat, 53, was proven guilty of 71 felony sex crimes against three young children in his family.

“This defendant groomed and preyed upon these young children for years,” said DA Carla Rodriguez. “They showed incredible bravery for not only disclosing the abuse, but also for having the strength to testify against him during the trial.”

The Santa Rosa Police Department began investigating Moffat in 2020 and uncovered multiple instances of sexual assault. According to the DA’s office, evidence presented in court demonstrated that Moffat used his “position of authority and trust within the family” to carry out these crimes.

Victims told the court, “Those hideous memories will haunt me forever,” and “I will continue to stand tall, refusing to be defined by the darkness that once enveloped me.”

Moffat’s sentence of “24 years plus 750 years to life” means that he will serve the 24-year sentence, then the 750 years to life, per the DA’s office. There are different parole considerations for each sentence.

Recent changes to California law allow Moffat to be parole-eligible after serving 20 years of his sentence. California legislature allows inmates who have reached the age of 50 years old and served 20 years in prison to be considered for parole.