BRENTWOOD, Calif. (KRON) — It’s been a scorcher throughout the Bay Area Tuesday, especially in the East Bay. As for athletes, the heat presents a challenge they can use to help hone their skills.

Athletes are maintaining focus and endurance in uncomfortable conditions responsibly.

“Drinking water, drinking Pedialyte, you know what I’m saying, staying in the shade when I’m not working, that’s basically the basics,” football player Jelani Brown said.

They were not the only ones getting some work in at Veterans Park in Brentwood. While some stopped by to visit with friends and family where it was cool, others are saying this is the best time to exercise.

“I still have to do it in order for me to keep going and to keep healthy,” resident Zen Zenith said.

Just across the gate, the Brentwood Family Aquatic Complex hosted swimmers and water aerobics classes starting in the late morning.

“It’s a great way to cool down,” Monique Woodford-Breaux said.

By noon, the temperature was already 90 degrees, but you wouldn’t know it in the pool.

“I grew up in the heat,” swimmer Cathy Brown said. “Southern California was hotter. I swam all my life does not bother me.”