(KRON) — The San Rafael Police Department is working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other agencies to investigate a “swatting” incident at a local high school yesterday. San Rafael PD dispatchers got a call at around 2 p.m. on Monday from a person stating that a shooting had taken place at a school and students were injured, police said in a news release.

During the call, dispatchers noticed inconsistencies between what was being reported and the tone of the caller making the report. It was also learned that the call was part of a series of hoax calls being made throughout California and the U.S., police said.

The police department responded to the school as a precautionary measure and quickly determined that no shooting had taken place. All students and faculty were safely accounted for, police said.

SRPD detectives then contacted the FBI and other law enforcement agencies to try and determine the identity of the suspect responsible for the call.

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“False calls cause needless emotional trauma to our community and tie up first responder resources that need to be available for real emergencies and community needs,” said SRPD Lieutenant Scott Eberle.

The party responsible for making the call could face a number of charges, including:

  • Making a false police report
  • Nuisance calling a 911 dispatch center
  • Interfering with the ability to receive real emergency calls

False calls endanger the public and the emergency personnel responding, police said. Due to the nature and risk of these types of calls, they are investigated and forwarded to the Marin County District Attorney.