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High school teacher in San Jose accused of intimidating student with noose

SAN JOSE (KRON) - A teacher at a San Jose high school is accused of intimidating a student with a noose.

The teacher is Caucasian and the student is African-American. It happened at Santa Teresa High School.

San Jose police are getting involved but no charges have been filed.

On Apr. 30, the organization called the Black Leadership Kitchen Cabinet says an African-American student at Santa Teresa High School in San Jose was threatened with a noose made from rope in the school gym.

The person they say made the threat was a white teacher and coach.

"And this individual teacher told that student directly, stay away from me, blank student -- students name," activist Tiye Garrett said. "And he made a noose-like structure around his own neck."

Garrett says the incident was unprovoked.

Community activists outraged by this organized a news conference at the African-American Community Service Agency in San Jose to share their concerns.

The student's parents filed a complaint with the school district, which did not return our requests for comment on this story.

The police department was notified a few weeks after the incident about what happened.

Chief Eddie Garcia says members of the community reached out to detectives, and not the school district as it should have.

"The case was taken to the district attorney's office, it was deemed to be a hate incident and not a hate crime," San Jose Police Chief Eddie Garcia said. "So, there were no charges filed."

Meanwhile, friends of the boy involved say he's still shaken up by what happened.

They say there have been numerous other racially-charged incidents at the school and throughout the district.

It is a pattern they find alarming, and so does the chief, especially regarding this most-recent case.

"It's not justifiable--it's sickening either way," Garcia said. "And so that's when I heard about it. I was appalled. When my detectives heard about it, they were appalled.

The Black Leadership Kitchen Cabinet says it is considering filing a class action lawsuit against the school district.



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