A Hillsborough couple has been charged with fraud and conspiracy after allegedly paying over $500,000 worth of Facebook stock to get two of their daughters into elite schools.

Bruce and Davina Isackson’s daughter, Lauren, is pictured in the UCLA women’s soccer team roster.

Her bio states not only that she was team captain for the Woodside Soccer Club for four years but that she was also selected MVP in 2015.

But according to the current head coach of that club, “nobody’s heard of Lauren Isackson, unfortunately.”

Zak Ibsen wasn’t with the club during those years but he says they’ve done an exhaustive search of records and talked to as many people associated with the club at that time as possible.

“We’ve come to the conclusion that it’s almost impossible because we didn’t actually have a girls team that would be her age during those years,” Ibsen said.

According to the court documents detailing the allegations against Lauren’s parents, Rick Singer, the alleged ringleader of this nationwide scheme, told law enforcement that the Isackson’s agreed to use bribery to secure her admission to an elite school.

Singer used a falsified soccer profile to do so.

Then in 2016, Bruce transferred over $250,000 in Facebook stock to Singer’s charitable foundation.

Over the next two years, Isackson allegedly transferred more stock over $350,000 worth paying Singer to enter into a college cheating scheme for their younger daughter to secure her admission into USC as a rowing recruit, which wasn’t her sport.

During a wiretap, Singer told the father that his foundation was being audited, which apparently spooked the Isackson’s.

According to court documents, when allegedly discussing entering into a college entrance exam cheating scheme for a third child, the father said they would definitely pay cash this time. 

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