Hillsborough heiress murder trial: Victim’s best friend testifies

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REDWOOD CITY (KRON) – Tiffany Li, the Chinese real estate heiress who is on trial for the murder of her children’s father, arrived in court on Wednesday. 

Li is accused of conspiring and killing Keith Green in 2016 after she fell for another man, Kaveh Bayat, who is also charged in the murder. 

On Wednesday, Green’s best friend was called to the stand to testify. 

After Green went missing, his best friend said he had told people that he thought Bayat and Li had something to do with Green’s disappearance. 

His friend said Bayat then called and threatened him for making those statements.

Oliver Adella, the man who was paid to get rid of Green’s body, has already confessed to prosecutors for his role in the homicide. 

Adella is unable to testify because he violated the terms of his plea deal. However, his wife, Uta Bredenstein, testified for several hours on Wednesday. 

Bredenstein said Li told her that she was nervous because she had lied to the police about whether Green was in her car or not the night of the homicide. 

Bredenstein testified that Li admitted to her that she lied. 

Defense attorneys tried to tarnish the wife’s credibility to the jury. 

Defense attorneys pointed out that Bredenstein also lied to the police during questioning.

Bredenstein had told detectives that her husband had been with her “the whole night,” on April 28, 2016, when really, Adella was gone for five hours as he was driving Green’s body north and dumping it in Sonoma County. 

After being shot to death, it was two weeks before Green’s body was found.

During that time, Li attended a birthday party and served as maid of honor for Uta. 

Uta and Adella were married two days before Green’s body was found. 

Li and Bayat were among a very small group of people who attended the wedding at city hall.

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