(KRON) — A woman was fleeing from police officers in Hercules Monday when her Mercedes crashed into a car with a baby inside, investigators said.

Police officers terminated their pursuit because of the woman’s reckless driving, and she evaded law enforcement by speeding onto Interstate-80.

The woman’s identity remains unknown. She was wearing glasses and wore her hair in a ponytail, police said.

A chain of events began that morning at a Home Depot store on Sycamore Avenue. “The female attempted to purchase over $1,000 dollars worth of merchandise at Home Depot. The cashier declined the sale, as the cash appeared to be fake money,” a Hercules Police Department watch commander wrote.

After the woman left the store, a police officer watched her drive out of Home Depot’s parking lot at 8:36 a.m. At the time, the officer was unaware of the counterfeit money incident. The officer attempted to pull the Mercedes over for multiple vehicle code violations.

“When the officer activated the overhead lights and siren, the Mercedes accelerated aggressively, drove through two vehicles, colliding with one in the process. The Mercedes jumped the sidewalk curb and drove through the mud and grass near the clock tower to evade capture,” the commander wrote.

Officers terminated the pursuit, and the Mercedes was last seen entering Interstate-80.

A 1-year-old baby was riding in the backseat of a Honda Element struck in the hit-and-run collision.

“It is believed the child may have sustained whiplash. The mother stated she will take her child to her primary care provider for evaluation,” HPD wrote.