SAN RAMON, Calif (KRON) — The San Ramon Police Department announced the recent holiday crime spree taking place all over the Bay Area is also targeting elderly individuals.

On Sunday, an elderly woman walking along Cinnamon Ridge Road at around 12:15 p.m. was robbed after another woman in her 30s distracted her by using a sleight-of-hand technique as the two were talking.

Police say the elderly woman was approached by a female, described as Asian-Indian with black hair in a ponytail.

The female got out of the passenger side of a newer model black BMW X3 SUV driven by an Asian-Indian male also in his 30s.

In a separate incident, an elderly woman walking on South Wedgewood Road near Mosaic Park was robbed after she was approached by two individuals in a white Mercedes-Benz SUV last Wednesday.

Police say the SUV was driven by a heavyset Caucasian man in his 50s when a Caucasian female in her mid to late 30s spoke to the victim through the rear passenger window.

After a short conversation, the female exited the vehicle and also used a sleight-of-hand technique to remove the victims jewelry before getting back into the car and driving away.

“As mentioned before, this crime trend was not specific to San Ramon. Multiple cities throughout the Bay Area had similar crimes occur over the holiday weekend,” said a press release by San Ramon P.D.

“Our concern is the specific targeting of elderly individuals wearing expensive jewelry and watches while out for walks by themselves.”

San Ramon Police is encouraging people to walk or exercise with someone else or if they go out on their own, to leave their valuables at home.