HILLSBOROUGH, Calif. (KRON) – On the Peninsula, Hillsborough police are sounding the alarm on a spike in home burglaries. Four have been reported just this month.

It appears that a group of thieves is targeting affluent neighborhoods and breaking in when nobody is home. 

The first was on Sept. 8 in the 2800 block of Churchill Drive. The next was Sept. 15 in a home along Mountain Wood Court. Another house was broken into on Cinnamon Court sometime between Sept. 17 and Sept 19. The fourth was along Wedgewood Drive on Sept. 17.

Police say that in all four cases, the thieves entered by smashing a window in the rear. They would then search through the homes, often stealing items from bedrooms before fleeing the area.

Police have not released details on exactly what was stolen. A neighbor near one of the burglarized homes told KRON4 that the house was broken into on a night when the occupants were out of town.

Investigators do say that after reviewing surveillance video, they believe there are multiple suspects who were all wearing hoods and masks. The suspects were also seen driving a gray or silver four-door sedan.

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Police are asking that anyone who lives near where these break-ins occurred and has surveillance cameras to check to see if they see anything suspicious. Anyone with information is asked to contact HPD.