DALY CITY, Calif. (KRON) — An elderly woman was assaulted and robbed after three men entered her Daly City home. Police say they’re still investigating and are looking for the suspects.

Security video shows they were dressed as utility workers. KRON4 spoke with the woman’s granddaughter about all the details and how she’s doing now.

The woman’s granddaughter says she’s recovering now, but it was scary. She says the suspects were armed with a crowbar, and the first time she saw the video, she couldn’t even watch.

The granddaughter, Skylar, says she was appalled.

What started as a typical Wednesday morning for this grandmother watering her flowers quickly turned into one of the scariest moments of her life.

KRON4 is not releasing her last name because the family is worried about their safety. Skylar says their security video shows a white KIA pulling up to the home,

Then 10 minutes later a man, who identified himself as a PG&E worker, knocked on the door.

He was wearing a ski mask, and Skylar says her grandmother didn’t trust him. She went to the backyard to get away from the first door, and two other men had hopped the fence.

“What happened next is she tried to escape out the front door, and that is where you can see, in the video footage, the man dressed as the PG&E worker preventing her from leaving out the front door and you can hear her screams as they assault her,” Skylar said.

“The reason why her screams kind of cut out is because they choked her to prevent her from calling for help,” the granddaughter said.

Skylar says the suspects ransacked the house. Even kicking in unlocked doors, you can see in this video the suspects carrying items out of the home.

“They found my grandma’s safe, where she was keeping her life savings,” Skylar said. “They stole all her jewelry all of her valuables. And they made off with her entire life savings.”

She says she believes her grandmother was targeted because she is an older, Asian woman and an easy person for the suspects to overpower. But Skylar believes her grandmother will recover from this.

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“My grandmother, she’s the most hardworking, she’s the most resilient, strongest person I know,” Skylar said. “To see her being beat by these young men, it was indescribable.”

Skylar tells KRON4 they are comforted to know there is an increased police presence in the area now and that the police are still investigating.