One of the largest homeless encampments in San Francisco was cleared out on Wednesday. 

This comes a few days after San Francisco Mayor Mark Farrell warned that this homeless camp sweep could happen at any time. 

“If you are not at your tent when they come through, they will take everything,” said one person who was forced to remove her tent from the sidewalk on Division Street. 

She asked us not to reveal her identity and says she has been living here since August 2017. 

She says she has experienced homeless sweeps before. 

“If you are with your stuff, as long as it’s not over, they will let you keep what you have,” she said.

“We are really going with the policy as the mayor stated, no tents, no structures allowed on San Francisco sidewalks,” said San Francisco Department of Public Works spokesperson Rachel Gordon. 

Gordon talks about why the city is focusing on homeless encampments in this area. 

“We are in the Mission. Division Street is one of the bigger ones. It has been kind of a hot spot for encampments over time, probably over a dozen tents and structures on division as of this morning, we are going through out the Mission, then we are going citywide,” she said. 

Kelly Cutler of the San Francisco Coalition on Homelessness talks about what happens to these folks now. 

“So they basically will move a block or so away? Typical sidewalk shuffle, pushing folks into other areas, people got to go somewhere. So it’s not a real solution,” said Cutler. 

The city provided homeless resource information listing where to find shelters and free meals. 

Department of Public Works officials say anyone wanting to get back their personal belongings has 90 days from the date it was collected to do so. 

Those items can be found at the DPW Operations Yard on Cesar Chavez Street.