SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – The homeless man accused of attacking a woman in San Francisco will stay behind bars. 

This after his release from jail sparked an outcry from victims and even San Francisco’s mayor. 

On Tuesday, a judge ordered him to remain in jail until his next court hearing. 

The order to stay in jail comes as prosecutors charge a new case against Austin Vincent.

In stark contrast to the dark suit he wore to Monday’s court appearance, the assault suspect appeared Tuesday in an orange, county jail jumpsuit and pleaded not guilty to two new charges, assault with a deadly weapon and making criminal threats. 

These new charges stem from a February 4th incident near 4th and Brannan where Vincent, allegedly armed with a knife is suspected of threatening to kill a woman and her friends as they waited for a rideshare vehicle.

It was a week ago Sunday when Vincent was initially arrested for attacking a San Francisco woman outside her Beale Street condo.  

After releasing Vincent pending his next hearing not once, but twice, San Francisco Superior Court Judge Christine Van Aken refused to release Vincent Tuesday, saying her public safety assessment of him had changed.  

Van Aken said she is concerned that until his underlying issues are addressed, he is a public safety risk.  

As a result, she ruled there would be no bail in either of the two cases, sending Vincent back to the county jail.  

“There’s always a balance that’s done and we believe that balance merits keeping the defendant into advance public safety,” Alex Bastian, the District Attorney spokesman, said.

While prosecutors were pleased, Vincent’s attorney, who asked that he be released, was not.

“Austin was taken out of a program that was getting him stabilized, he was getting the help he needed and getting help with the root causes of some of his issues addressed and now he is in jail where he will not get help with those issues,” Deputy Public Defender Saleem Belbahri said.

Vincent is due back in court on Sept. 4 at which time prosecutors will try and consolidate these two cases into one.  

In the meantime, San Francisco police are looking at two other cases to see if Vincent is connected.