Homeless mothers evicted from vacant West Oakland home

Bay Area

OAKLAND (KRON) — “I’m not leaving, we’re not leaving.”

At a news conference Friday, Dominique Walker, one of the homeless moms who took over a vacant West Oakland home, made it clear they have no plans to move.

This despite an Alameda County Superior Court judge’s order Friday morning that found the moms had “no valid claim of possession to the subject property” and had 5 days to vacate.

“We’re very pleased with the judge’s ruling,” Sam Singer, a spokesperson for Wedgewood Properties, which owns the homes, said. Singer believes the judge made the right call.

“It follows what the law is and what ethics and morals are to protect peoples homes and properties,” Singer said. “These squatters wrongly took over this home, they broke into it, we encourage them to leave peacefully and voluntarily.”

“This is what we are up against,” Walker said. “A corporation that will put mothers and their children out on the street and think it is a moral and right thing to do.”

But the moms for housing say this is just the beginning of a movement to bring awareness to a housing crisis which favors rich over poor.

“This could be anyone, this could be you or your loved one that needs housing,” Caroll Fife said. “Which is why we are screaming at the top of our lungs everyone should have housing housing is a right that everyone should have access to.”

The judge’s order indicates the moms can be forcibly removed from the house in five days, that why they’ve asked their supporters to join them at the house beginning Monday morning. 

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