Homeless mothers faced with eviction refuse to leave property in West Oakland

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OAKLAND (KRON) – A group of homeless mothers in Oakland is banding together for their right to keep their kids out of the cold. 

A judge has ordered the families to leave the property but the women say they’re staying put and using the moment to create a movement. 

About 100 other people came out Monday morning to support the moms and bring attention to the ongoing housing crisis.  

The company that owns the house on Magnolia Street has now offered to pay Catholic Charities to shelter the moms for the next two months but the moms say it isn’t enough to put a bandaid on the problem. 

“We’re here! We will not resist arrest but we are not running away. We are here to stay,” Dominique Walker says. 

Although a judge has ordered that Dominique Walker vacate this house in West Oakland or risk being forcibly evicted, she has decided to defy the court’s order and remain in the property.

“This is the new Civil Rights Movement and it started November 18th,” Walker said.

That is the date when the 34-year-old mother and her two small children let themselves into this property. 

She was soon joined by another mother needing a place to live.

Fast forward to January and like she said the situation as grown into a movement, known as Moms 4 Housing.

“Wedgewood invites the squatters to leave peacefully and voluntarily,” Sam Singer, a spokesperson for Wedgewood Properties, said.

This house is owned by real estate investment firm Wedgewood Properties. 

Spokesperson Sam Singer says an offer has been made to assist Walker and the others transition out of the property.

“What the activists and squatters have done is morally and legally wrong. They’ve broken into someone else’s home. They’re taking it as their own. That is not a good position to negotiate from. We’re asking them to voluntarily and peacefully leave and we are willing to give them money to do that,” Singer said.

However, Walker says thanks but no thanks!

“It is very insulting to offer us two months of shelter. That is not a solution,” Walker said.

The clock is ticking. 

A judge gave Moms 4 Housing five days to leave the property or face being evicted by the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office.

“The sheriff’s office is not looking for a confrontation with a group of moms. However, we have five days to enforce the order. Those five days were issued on Friday. So our timeline now is shrinking and we’re going to get this done,” Sergeant Ray Kelly said. 

Officials at the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office say they have reached out to the court to see if they can get an extension on the eviction order. 

Something they say will also allow time for the temperature to cool down on the situation and also give both sides more time to negotiate and hopefully find a peaceful resolution.

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