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Homelessness out of control in San Jose, residents say

SAN JOSE (KRON) -- This is Tammi Brisco.

She's been living on the streets for years and says these are all of her shopping carts and all of her belongings.

Right across the street from a residential neighborhood.

"Sometimes there's 20-30 shopping carts all grouped up and they kind of keep getting moved around,” said neighbor James Gardner.

Gardner has lived here for 10 years and says more and more homeless continue to move in, living in cars and rvs -- blocking sidewalks and making it difficult to feel safe.

"There's a lot of trash littering the streets. Everything from big piles of garbage to used furniture to appliances,” said Gardner.

He's sympathetic -- and understands how expensive it is to live in San Jose, but says he's now unable to go for walks with his daughter.

He's contacted the city several times but says nothing has been done.

“It's been brought to their attention, and they've discussed that it's going to be cleaned up, but it hasn't been. It's only gotten worse,” Gardner said.

KRON4 asked the City of San Jose if they were aware of the issue on Kiely Boulevard. They said they've made multiple attempts to contact Brisco to offer her shelter. They say addressing homelessness is one of their highest priorities.

"The problem is huge. Everybody knows it,” said Scott Wagers, pastor at Cham Ministries.

Wagers spends his days visiting homeless encampments throughout the city, delivering food and water. But he had never seen this one until we brought him by on Thursday.

"It is encroached in every neighborhood I've gone to all over San Jose. It's a huge city and it's in every neighborhood now,” said Wagers. "The problem is out of control. It's been out of control and understable why it's out of control."

"It's going to take everybody's help and to come up with some solutions that work and help the people out that need it and make it a nicer community for all,” said Gardner.

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