LIVERMORE, Calif. (KRON) — The storms may have passed, but in the East Bay other nature has left a lot of damage. In Livermore, homeowners suffered property damage due to flooding.

KRON4 met with one woman who believes she will have to gut and remodel her whole house.

Twenty-six years in this home, and Gloria Fulford says this is the first time it has ever flooded.

“It got really bad. The storm drains clogged up. The water started rising,” Fulford says.

She lives on Galloway Street, which was covered with water Monday. After several weeks of storms, the city’s storm drains clogged up, creating a mess for Fulford and some of her neighbors.

“I had water just pouring into my house and I had about six inches of water throughout my entire house,” Fulford said.

The dirty water soaked the walls and carpet. Now, Fulford is pulling up the flooring, and neighbors are helping her remove the damaged drywall.

“I can’t stay in the house, because within just a few days, the mold and the mildew starts,” Fulford said.

Livermore Sanitation left neighbors a dumpster to discard their damaged stuff. Meanwhile, Fulford hopes that by the city declaring a local emergency, in addition to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s proclamation of emergency, that she will have access to funds for repairs.

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“And, I was sandbagged too. And, here’s another thing, the city said six sandbags only per household,” Fulford said. “I had all my friends that didn’t need them come and grab them and put them here, and I had them across my garage and two layers on my front door and it didn’t do any good, because it came underneath the sashing of the house and poured in through the foundation.”

Unfortunately, Fulford does not have flood insurance because she does not live in a designated flood zone.