SANTA CLARA COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) — Santa Clara County health officials expect to get 39,300 doses of the Moderna coronavirus vaccine by the end of December, if it’s approved by U.S. regulators.

This is in addition to over 17,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine that could be issued Tuesday if the FDA panel reviewing the vaccine gives it a thumbs up.

So who is first in line to get a shot in the arm?

The early doses of both vaccines will be first given to people most at risk due to their healthcare jobs, or high risk due to demographics such as elderly residents of longterm care facilities.

The county health department has a three tier system set up to divvy out the early vaccines.

Between Pfizer and Moderna, there are more than 56,000 early doses being given to the county. It sounds like a lot, however, public health officer Dr. Sara Cody says that won’t be enough to even cover the first tier.

Each person vaccinated will need two doses, cutting the actual amount of people getting vaccinated in half if going by dosage numbers.

But it is a start.

This is a crucial time to be receiving a vaccine, as Santa Clara County saw 1,700 new cases, 76 hospitalizations and three additional deaths on Wednesday.

The health department is also reporting just 10% available ICU capacity.

Overall, California is expecting more than 670,000 doses of the Moderna vaccine statewide if approved next week.

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