SAN JOSE (KRON) — How much do you really need to make to comfortably afford housing in the Bay Area?

The National Low Income Housing Coalition released a comprehensive report that shows what residents need to make annually to afford a zero-to-four bedroom in different areas.

The South Bay is home to Silicon Valley – headquarters for tech giants like Facebook and Google that have hired employees from all over the country and drew them to the Bay Area.

The San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara region is the second most expensive in California, after San Francisco.

The NLIHC data shows that a minimum wage worker ($14 per hour) would need to work 141 hours per week to comfortably afford a one bedroom apartment in Santa Clara County.

The annual income needed to afford the one bedroom for one person comes out to $102,320, or an hourly wage per week of $49.19.

The realistic affordable rent rate for a minimum wage worker is just $728 per month, according to NLIHC.

See how the South Bay compares to rentability in San Francisco.