(KRON) – When a tree comes down on your property during a storm, it’s not free to remove it. A company called Bay Area Redwood is making it a cheaper process by eliminating some of the fees you’d be charged by the city to dump the tree.

If you had a downed tree on your property during the last month of storms, you might see it as a headache that has to be removed. But Bay Area Redwood sees it as an opportunity to make furniture.

Outside his San Ramon warehouse, Nick Harvey has several piles of trees stacked. He might have chosen the name Bay Area Redwood for his furniture-making company in 2018, but if it’s wood, he’s worked on it.

Harvey’s concept is not to buy wood from a lumber yard, but rather to take trees that fall naturally and turn them into something of use. He makes tables, benches, desks, materials for parks, and more. 

The rain and wind that battered the Bay Area this month brought hundreds of trees down. It is natural destruction that’s kept this woodworker busy.

“We’re up to since the beginning of this year about 100 calls in for recycling trees,” Harvey said. “We actually have a form on our website to streamline that process.”

Residents can contact Harvey to have downed trees removed and turned into furniture, but he also has several arborists that reach out to make it cheaper for the property owners.

“We’re able to minimize and many times eliminate that disposal cost for the homeowner by working with an appropriate license and insured arborist,” he said. 

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He drills into tables and chairs that started as rain-soaked logs and ended as something that will be admired for its natural finish. It makes for a busy start to 2023.

“When I say overwhelmed it’s a good type, right, and it’s really a good opportunity to begin to further tell our story,” he said.

This process does take time. According to Harvey, some pieces of wood can take several years before they’re dry enough to be worked on.