SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – While much of the focus has been on protecting the Nation’s Capital and State Capitals as Joe Biden is inaugurated on Wednesday, San Francisco is also taking steps to prepare for Inauguration Day.

“At SFPD, we have canceled discretionary days off of our officers. And we will have additional police and all necessary resources deployed to respond to all routine calls for service, as well as spontaneous events in the event that they occur,” SF police Chief Bill Scott said.

He also said the police department is working with federal state and local partners, and the city’s Emergency Operations Center has been activated.  

“At this time we have no credible notifications of major protests of civil unrest likely taking place in San Francisco, however, we will be prepared for anything and everything.”

Metal barricades currently are lined up outside City Hall, similar barriers are in place outside the immigration office.

But it didn’t stop vandals from covering the building with grafitti.

And while police are ready for any protests, the Mayor also encouraged those who wish to celebrate Wednesday to do so inside their home.

“I am here to remind every we are still in a pandemic, the celebration we all want to have can’t happen. We need people to stay home watching the inauguration where they are and avoid gathering.”

The Mayor says no one wants to celebrate more than she does, but she says with COVID still surging in the community, the risks are just too great to gather with others to celebrate. 

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