OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – The FBI made a public show of support for the Asian community in Oakland.  

With hate crimes on the rise, the agency says it is prepared to shift resources to deal with the problem.

The FBI says they are aware that across the country and in California and the Bay Area that crimes against Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders have been on the rise.  

Since the FBI is the agency charged with investigating violations of civil rights, they are surging resources to deal with the problem.  

The special agent in charge of the Bay Area Craig Fair joined Oakland Chinatown community leaders to show support for the community.

Fair says they are investigating hate crimes in the Bay Area, although he wouldn’t be specific, and says the FBI just wants to help victims.

“Our ultimate goal is to help victims, to help them get justice, and to stop violent offenders from hurting people and to deter people from committing these terrible crimes of hate,” Craig Fair said.

Fair says that the FBI has a tough job here because hate crimes can be difficult to prosecute.  

They have to prove motive and intent, not just that a crime happened.  

He says that to stop hate crimes, they need to the public to come forward and help.  

If anyone has been the victim of a hate crime or has information, reach out to local law enforcement or contact the FBI.