How to detox after wildfire smoke exposure

Bay Area

For firefighters, dealing with smoke is part of the job, so the Fairfield Fire Department offered some suggestions on how to detox your body after wildfire smoke exposure. 

The department shared an article from Tru Health Medicine that outlines a few detox solutions.

They include, but aren’t limited to the following: 

  • Drinking LOTS of Water
  • Drinking Hot Liquids
  • Using a Saline Nasal Spray
  • Rinsing Your Sinuses with a Neti Pot
  • Breathing in Steam with Thyme
  • Receiving a Vitamin Rich IV Drip
  • Loading Your Diet with Ginger
  • Increasing Your Vitamin C Intake
  • Upping Your Glutathione Levels 

Experts say the biggest health hazard are fine particles that can get inside the lungs.



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