(KRON) — A colorful art installation just went up in Tiburon, right along the water at the South of Knoll Park. It’s called “Collaborative Nature.” Lightweight fabric is attached to fiberglass poles, catching both wind and light. That means the installation looks different depending on the time of day you visit. The project is part of Tiburon’s relatively new Public Art Program.

This installation is the work of photographer, and former Marin resident, Thomas Jackson. Dozens of volunteers helped him set up the roughly 800 poles, over about a week. To see the work in person, head to the Southeast corner of the park, along the Old Rail Trail, near the playground.

Jackson says his work will be there until July 9.

Check out more of the artist’s work here. Submit your ideas for Tiburon’s Public Art Program here.

Photography by Tahir Asad