SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – The Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson made a visit to the Bay Area on Tuesday afternoon to address the homeless crisis. 

He was greeted by protesters upset over slashed federal funds for public housing.

Carson said tight regulation and soaring housing costs are major factors. 

He met at a housing project in San Francisco’s Potrero Hill, the result of HOPE SF, the nation’s largest housing revitalization project. 

The project is one of five properties revamped with funds from HOPE SF.

He wanted to tour the facility to see how it’s working and maybe use it as an example that can be replicated throughout the state and country.

Carson talked about homelessness housing and what the government can do to get people off of the streets. 

He also touched on what municipalities can do to lessen the burden on the government and maybe deregulate some ordinances, sperm more housing density and mental health programs to get people into jobs.

It was a wide-ranging discussion from Carson but he also had a lot of protesters.

There were several dozens who are upset with him and believe that he wants to dissolve HUD.

Carson says that’s absolutely not the case and that is the perception.

The protestors also believe that Carson is not qualified for this position because his background is in medicine, not housing. 

The Mayor of San Francisco, London Breed, did invite Carson to speak about housing and programs but the two were not able to meet during this trip.

It is unknown when Carson will return to the Bay Area.