Hundreds of East Bay teachers on strike

Bay Area

The New Haven School District and the Teachers Association did not agree on a contract that serves almost 600 teachers, so as promised, they are striking starting this morning. 

All 12 schools in Union City will remain open this week as its teachers join forces on the picket line. 

The school district’s last, best, and final offer yesterday was a one-time 3% payment for this year, and a 1% raise applied to the salary schedule. 

But teachers are asking for a 10% raise between this school year and the next. 

The district says due to state funding, they can not afford to give the teachers what they want. 

The district says teachers on average make $96,000 a year, but teachers say the current pay is not enough to afford the cost of living. 

There are about 11,000 students in the New Haven School District. 

There will be substitute teachers and administrative staff leading each class during the strike starting this morning around 6:45 a.m. during drop-off and will continue to pick up. 

The strike will go on until the Teachers Association and the district can agree on a fair contract. 

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