(KRON) — Three people were killed and five others were wounded in a shooting at Michigan State University on Monday. The suspected gunman was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound after he was at large for several hours.

The tragedy hit home for Warriors star Draymond Green, who attended Michigan State. Green spoke on the events on his podcast, The Draymond Green Show, on Tuesday.

Green opened the podcast by talking about the shooting, extending support to those affected. He also commented on the frequency of mass shootings in America.

“You’re kind of becoming numb to it. You see them and it’s like, there goes another one. There goes another. It’s sad to know as a people that’s where we are,” he said.

But Green did not feel numb after this shooting in a place that he said holds a special place in his heart. He talked about how the shooting affected him personally.

Green is from Sagniaw, Michigan and he said that for him, Michigan State was a place where he felt perennially safe, unlike his hometown. He surmised that there are other kids like him at Michigan State and that feeling of safety was taken away by the shooting.

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“That feeling has been rocked a bit,” he said. “To know that feeling is compromised for them hurts me.”

Green spent four years at Michigan State, becoming one of the best players in the men’s basketball program’s storied history. He was a consensus First Team All-American for the Spartans in 2012 before moving on to become a four-time NBA All-Star as a Warrior.