SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – A husband and wife say they were attacked by an alleged shoplifter inside their corner deli in San Francisco’s South of Market neighborhood.

Now, they are calling on city officials to take action.

The female merchant says she was struck in the face repeatedly.

Rima Jodeh says she was struck repeatedly in the face — This happening after she says she witnessed her attacker shoplift a beverage from her store Monday afternoon.

She says the same man has repeatedly stolen from their deli and cafe but because she didn’t want any trouble. She let him go and said things got violent when she tried to shut the door after him.

He attempted to come back inside.

Rima’s husband, Tony, says he was socked in the jaw as well.

A picture of the suspect was taken by one of the neighbors who came to her aide. The Jodeh’s say at least one of those good samaritans was also punched. 

They held the man until police arrived.

The deli, Tony Baloney’s, has been a neighborhood staple for 30 years.

The couple say they already have to put plywood behind their gates to protect their windows.

They both say the city needs to do more to crack down on crime.

SFPD says they arrested a man in connection with this attack. He’s been booked into county jail for shoplifting, trespassing, and battery.

His identity has not yet been released.

While the Jodeh’s are angry and concerned about Monday’s incident they are also concerned about the future of their neighborhood.

Their deli is half a block away from this building that’s slated to become the city’s first drug sobering center.

In her press release announcing the new center, which is due to open this fall, the mayor says the 20-bed facility will improve the situation on the streets.

The Jodeh’s say the only way it will improve their situation is if the city also installs security guards to protect them and their customers.