OAKLAND (KRON) — They say it’s never good to burn bridges but it’s safe to say that Antonio Brown napalmed them in Oakland.

Raiders fans told KRON4’s Dan Thorn they had enough with his attitude and antics and they’re more than happy to see him gone and they really want him to know it.

Passions were flaring in video showing Raiders fans setting Brown’s jersey on fire.

The NFL’s premiere wide receiver was released before Monday night’s home opener against Denver, but tailgating Raiders fans are lost on who that is.

“Who’s that? I don’t know who that is, move onto the next question,” said one Raiders fan.

Sure it’s tongue in cheek, but Raider woman is not alone.

“I got burned feet, helmet, drama drama drama. I don’t know who that guy is,” she said.

The hall of fame wideout was set to be the torch bearer for the silver and black, instead his jersey is being torched and manipulated by scorned fans.

“I was pumped up. I was glad we had a playmaker, we have a future hall of famer, that’s huge. But you know what, all the antics, it just hurts it just hurts,” a fan said. 

Other fans say they’re going to focus on the Raiders season without Brown and some excitement you can say is downright crazy.

“We didn’t need that head ache. We need to come together as a team and not focus on a single person,” another fan said.

That’s just what the Raiders will have to do as they wrap up their run in Oakland and move onto Vegas next year.

“I’m ready to move on to new beginnings. New year, new season,” another fan said.