(KRON) — A day after National Fentanyl Awareness Day on Tuesday, students at Granada High School in Livermore took in a first-hand account of how devastating the deadly drug can be.

A fentanyl-related overdose claimed Judy Burrescia’s daughter Correen in 2019.

On Wednesday, Burrescia returned to Correen’s alma mater, Granada High School, in Livermore. A public service announcement produced by the Livermore Police Department was shared –highlighting the dangers of the drug.

“Unfortunately, in one use, she died,” Burrescia said when talking about her daughter Correen.

Burrescia sat in a classroom while the PSA played. Afterward, she met with students touched by her family’s tragedy.

“She had no idea that fentanyl was in there and she died. And, she doesn’t even know it,” Burrescia said.

“I do believe that I’d be strong enough to no,” said senior Elle Bowman. “I believe I’m educated and aware kind of my surroundings and who I surround myself with. I just hope that others can become educated and learn to say no as well.”

On Wednesday, Correen would have been 36 years old. She is survived by her seven-year-old daughter who was born with a trace amount of heroin in her system.

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“We want to keep our students safe and one thing we really believe is to educate them, especially on the dangers of harmful substances out there,” Granada High School Principal Clark Conover said.

“It’s a loss that never goes away, but I want to honor her memory by doing something — so that’s why I’m here,” Burrescia said.

Burrescia was here to save young lives.