(KRON) — Cheaper water bills are headed towards about half a million customers. The Contra Costa County Water District Board is dropping its 15 percent surcharge that went into effect last summer. It is also revoking some other rules that you may notice when you dine out.

These changes come just one month after Governor Gavin Newsom announced the state will end many of its two-year-old emergency drought rules.

Contra Casta County Water District says it’s dropping customers 15 percent surcharge that started last July and is now allowing restaurants to serve water to people without request. Hotels can also now wash guests towels and linens every day without request rather than just in between different guests and construction sites will see some wiggle room when it comes to rinsing off dust and new irrigation.

The district serves almost 500,000 customers, and while there are some changes, it is still requiring people to avoid excessive water use and is prohibiting watering during and within two days of measurable rainfall, adding that watering between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. is still not allowed.

The Board says given the recent rainfall it will now receive 100 percent of the water it requested from the Federal Central Valley Project.

The 15 percent surcharges are set to drop at the end of April.