ANTIOCH, Calif. (KRON) – If you know someone who was planning on doing illegal sideshow stunts in a car or ATV this weekend at an event in Antioch, you might want to tell them what Mayor Lamar Thorpe had to say.

“I’m not messing around with anybody. This is not the place to conduct this activity. I will not tolerate it and neither will the chief and neither will the city. We will employ every measure possible to stop this from happening. I warn every single organizer of this event to cancel this by Friday and if not you are going to be met with the full force of the Antioch Police Department with my support,” Mayor Thorpe said. 

Mayor Thorpe didn’t stop there. 

In fact, he says the city of Antioch is now a no-sideshow zone and announced the city will be installing elevated pavement markers to make it difficult to perform the reckless driving stunts at the following intersections:

  • James Donlon Road at Somersville Road
  • Sunset Drive at Cavallo Road
  • Bluerock Drive at Eagleridge Drive

“This will start as a pilot program. If it works and is successful we will continue to expand it throughout the city,” Mayor Thorpe said. 

In a somewhat of a carrot and stick-themed message, the mayor added the city is trying to identify a property that could be used for sideshows.

“So that youth can use their vehicles safely and legally. I recognize that these kinds of events are part of the Bay Area culture. Particularly as an expression of resistance but I cannot ignore the fact that these kinds of events can kill people,” Mayor Thorpe said. 

Antioch police will be out in full force this weekend with mutual aid standing by. 

If your vehicle or ATV is impounded it will cost $3,000, 30-days later to get it out. The mayor’s final warning to the event organizers.

“Let me perfectly clear you have until Friday the 18th to cancel this event. I encourage you and those planning to attend, not to attend, and stay away,” Mayor Thorpe said. 

I guess we will find out in a few days if this warning will be enough to deter sideshow activity in Antioch or not.